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Tree Services

North-Eastern Tree Service, Inc. is a family owned and operated, full service tree care corporation serving Rhode Island, nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut. With three generations of Tree Care Professionals operating with fully licensed and insured Arborists, North-Eastern Tree provides superior personnel and equipment to accomplish all phases of tree care. Some of our services include:


North-Eastern Tree Service is on call 24hrs a day all to handle most tree emergencies and any storm related tree situation.

Wind storms, lightning, snow and ice damage, hurricanes, micro bursts, and trees with defects can all cause substantial damage to your trees and property at the most inconvenient times.  In the event you find yourself in one of these unfortunate situations, call North-Eastern tree to rapidly return you and your property to safe conditions.


Is your tree dead, diseased, hazardous, or causing structural damage?             John slays tree

We have seen these issues far too many times and North-Eastern Tree has your solution. Whether a 100ft. Eastern White Pine or 20ft. Dogwood, there is no job too big or too small. With a fleet of 14 aerial lift trucks and highly skilled tree climbers, we accommodate any tree removal situation. With the problematic trees removed, you will be able to enjoy your property and rest easy.





Pruning trees is an art and science. When done correctly, the benefits can be life lasting. Unfortunately, when done incorrectly the damage can be irreversible. North-Eastern Tree arborists are trained extensively in the wide variety of scenarios to maintain the tree aesthetics, structure, and health.


North-Eastern Tree has the capability to remove any size stump. As stumps decay they become a home for unwanted diseases, insects, and rodents. They are also tripping hazards and your lawn mowers worst nightmare. Use our stump grinding services to take your landscape to the next stage.


When trees are not structurally sound due to co-dominant leaders, rotted cavities, or structural defects, cabling and bracing may be a corrective solution.  By adding eye bolts, cables, or bracing rods we can lower the risk of tree failure.  Cabling combined with proper tree maintenance can extend the benefits and life of your tree.

Additional Services Provided:

  • Plant Health Care
  • Tree Recycling
  • Mulch Manufacturing
  • Tree Moving / Planting

North-Eastern Tree provides a wide variety plant of health care options to protect your #1 investment, which is your home and landscape. Your trees beauty and health can be affected by diseases, insects, and root issues. If left untreated potential internal and external damage can occur. In these cases, Plant Health Care is vital to ensure the health of your specimen.

Associated Organizations

We are proud to be associated with the following organizations:

Rhode Island Nursery Association

RI Tree Council


International Society of Arboriculture

tree care industry association


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