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North-Eastern Tree Recycling & Mfg., Inc.

Tree Recycling MulchNorth-Eastern Tree Recycling & Mfg., Inc. was developed with two goals in mind: To control the debris generated by the Tree Service Industry and to manufacture pureMulch Colors wood products to supply both wholesale and retail clients. North-Eastern Tree Recycling produces some of the finest Mulch available, made solely of pure, natural and organic materials. They utilize a triple grind system and include only pure iron oxide pigments replenished from the earth insuring their mulch is of the finest quality with no artificial ingredients, chemicals, pesticides or preservatives. Their prices are also the most competitive as the materials are generated in house passing no added costs onto the consumers. Suppliers, landscapers and homeowners all enjoy a superior product at an excellent price.


  • Commercial accounts available
  • Large deliveries easily accomodated
  • Convenient, centrally located pick up location
  • Dark Brown, Burgundy & Black standard colors
  • Custom colors available by special order
Tree Service, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Spraying, Tree Transplanting
Three generations dedicated to providing superior Tree Care Service

RI Location:

Corporate Office:
1000 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
PH: (401) 941-7204
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MA Location:

Norfolk, MA
21 Valley St
Norfolk, MA
PH: (508) 222-8733
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