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Plant Health Care

North-Eastern Plant Health Care, Inc.

tree sprayingEastern Plant Health Care, Inc. was developed to address the many needs associated with keeping trees and plants healthy. From diagnostics to pest management to growth enhancement they utilize state-of-the-art techniques along with precision tools, equipment and personnel to prolong the health and vigor of trees and shrubs. With Rhode Island Certified Horticulturists, Wetland Delineation and Licensed Commercial Applicators on staff, the Plant Health Care Division of North-Eastern Tree is supremely capable to address any and all plant disease, insect, injury, fertilization or health concerns.



Some of our services include:


There are many tree diseases that contribute to health decline and death of most of the trees in the United States.  Factors that cause tree disease include: the tree’s geographical location, weather, soil conditions, and other surrounding plant life. If caught in time, tree disease can be avoided.


Trees in a forest or landscape are constantly attacked by insects. Numerous insects live on, in, and around trees and many are harmless, while others can cause fatal damage. A tree’s health support and improved conditions are ways best to prevent tree mortality.


Root Collar Excavation is the removal of excess soil and mulch from the base of the tree. If planted too deep, a tree’s roots girdle to where they grow around the main stem and choke the tree. Root Pruning is the selective removal of roots of an established tree to encourage the growth of new feeder roots.


In order to maintain the beauty of your landscape, tree fertilizer is vital. Nutrient deficiencies are a common threat to the health of your trees. Our Arborists know which application is right and exact for your landscape and will recommend the best treatment for your landscape’s specific needs.


When trying to preserve and maintain the beauty of your landscape, weeds and invasive plants may become a major issue in achieving your goal.  These invasive plants can be removed mechanically or by creating an Integrated Weed Management Program.  Our licensed Plant Health Care staff will help you identify and eradicate all invasive plants taking over your trees, shrubs, and ornamental.


Deer can consume over 5 lbs. of various plant material daily.  North-Eastern Tree provides many options to protect your landscape from being terrorized by deer.  These strategies include installing deer fencing and deer netting and use of organic, animal friendly repellents.   With these preventative measures you will be able to enjoy your landscape year round.


In the US there are approximately 22 million lightning strikes per year.  Unfortunately tall trees bare the brunt of a lot of these lightning strikes. These strikes can cause irreversible damage to a tree or can even be fatal. Do you have aesthetically beautiful trees with sentimental, historic, or monetary value?  North- Eastern Tree provides everything you need to safeguard your tree from being damaged by lightning.  This involves installing grounding rods, terminals, and copper cables to redirect lightning strikes from the canopy of the tree to the ground.


When trees are not structurally sound due to co-dominant leaders, rotted cavities, or structural defects, cabling and bracing may be a corrective solution.  By adding eye bolts, cables, or bracing rods we can lower the risk of tree failure.  Cabling combined with proper tree maintenance can extend the benefits and life of your tree.

Additional Services Include:

• Micro-Injections   • Soil De-Compaction   • Organic Treatments   • Diagnostics   • Bark Tracing

Tree Service, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Spraying, Tree Transplanting
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